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Online file storage and sharing program, Dropbox is a free application that allows you to store files online and share them with friends. You can sync and store documents, photos, videos and music on your Dropbox account, which in turn provides you with free data storage and sharing with friends and family. Dropbox is all you need to connect to your account on the Dropbox site and sync, upload and share files, the program also provides direct links to download files very quickly, Dropbox has a simple and easy to use interface, through which you can browse files and manage your account quickly, in addition to creating And specify folders on the computer to synchronize (Sync) files with your Dropbox account over the Internet, so that all files are automatically uploaded to your Dropbox account as soon as you save your files within the sync folders, and you can access all your files when you are away Leave your home in any location around the world, by using any tablet or smart mobile phone connected to the internet to log into your Dropbox account and browse through various websites Rolls quickly and safely, the program also allows you to take screenshots and automatically upload images to the Dropbox account and share them with friends on Twitter and Facebook by posting image links.

The method of registering in the Dropbox service is a very easy and simple process, after entering the Dropbox website (click here) You can register and open a new account for free, or you can open a new account directly through the Dropbox program. After registering, you will get a storage capacity of 2 GB and the amount of data transfer 20 GB per day. If the amount of data transfer exceeds the specified amount, the file sharing system will be suspended temporarily until the entry of the day New, you can also create sync folders on the computer to upload various types of files and save them within your account, and you can access your files at any time and from anywhere via the Internet, also any files uploaded from any other device to your Dropbox account will be downloaded Files directly and automatically on your computer within the sync folder saved on your hard drive, so you can upload and store digital files and photos on Dropbox from anywhere around the world, to automatically share and upload those files and photos to your computer at home or in the office your business.

Dropbox program provides a great service to many users around the world in storing data, images and files and sharing them on websites and social networking sites such as Facebook. Transfer data and files over the Internet securely through the use of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol and with data encryption with a strong AES-256 encryption algorithm, you can now download Dropbox and use it on your computer to store files online and share them with friends for free for life.


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