Download Nova Launcher apk Offline

Download Nova Launcher apk Offline
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Download Nova Launcher apk Offline

Nova Launcher is one of the top-rated launchers for modern Android which embraces the full Material Design layout. Also, it offers high customization, a performance drive, and all that with a great home screen experience.

Nova Launcher helps the Android user change their Home Screen with the one they are in total control of and one they can customize easily. Now with Nova Launcher, you can change not only icons, layouts, and animation but much more. Find more on Nova Launcher customization >>


Following are some of the main features of the Nova Launcher.

Icon Themes:

Users can find thousands of new Icon themes for Nova Launcher on the Play Store.

Subgrid Positioning:

Nova-launcher allows users to have much more control than any other launcher. It allows users to snap icons or widgets halfway through the grid cell of the desktop.

Color Controls:

Users can now control the color adjustments for the labels, folders, unread badges, drawer tabs, and backgrounds.

App Drawer customization:

Customize your app drawer in custom tabs, vertical or horizontal scrolling position while adding custom effects.

Infinite scroll:

With this feature, users can never be too far from their favorite pages. Now easily loop through desktop or drawer infinitely with Nova Launcher.

Backup and restore:

The state-of-the-art Backup/ Restore feature allows users to backup both their Desktop layout and Launcher settings.

Enhanced Widget Drawer:

Widgets can now be grouped by apps to make scrolling easier.

Scrollable Docks:

Users can create multiple docks to scroll in between them.


Nova launcher is developed to get the work done quickly, and quietly. Hence, it keeps your animations smoother and lets your phone run as fast as you can swipe your fingers.

Nova Launcher Prime:

Above all now users can unlock the following extra features after purchasing Prime.


Now you can open your favorite home screens by swiping, pinching, or double-tapping on the home screen.

Unread counts:

With this feature never miss out on reading any message. It also offers unread counts for Hangouts, SMS, and Gmail.

Custom Drawer:

In the app drawer, you can also now create custom new tabs or folders.

Hide apps:

Keep your never-used apps hidden away in a clean app drawer.

Other scroll effects:

Enjoy other scroll effects like Wipe, Accordion, and Throw.

For more detail, you can visit the developer’s website.

Operating System: Android

Price: Free

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