Download CLONEit – Batch Copy All Data APK Offline

Download CLONEit - Batch Copy All Data APK Offline
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Download CLONEit - Batch Copy All Data APK Offline

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More about CLONEit - Batch Copy All Data

CLONEit app can backup and transfer your old phone’s data to the new one. Easily transfer data such as contacts, messages, call logs, applications including APP data, all types of files in SD card (pictures, videos, music), calendar, system settings (Wi-Fi account passwords, browser bookmarks), etc.

CLONEit uses the Wi-Fi hotspot of the sending device to move data at a rapid rate of 20MB per second to the receiving device. This data transfer method makes it one of the most convenient data transfer apps for Android. But if you just want to send a few files or apps then we recommend the ShareIt app.

Download the CLONEit app

You can easily download the Cloneit app and start cloning all your old phone settings and apps to your new phone. Just click the download button above and start the download process. Install the APK file once the download finishes and your app will be ready to use and transfer data between phones.

To transfer data between phones you will need to install and open the Cloneit app on both phones. Once you’ve installed the app on both devices, open the app on your older Android smartphone and select “Sender“. The app will then create an open WiFi hotspot.

After that connect your new phone to the Wifi Hotspot. After the connection is made, open the CLONEit app on the new device and select “Receiver“. You will see the Sender device when the search begins. Select the Sender device you want to transfer data from.

The Sender device(your old phone) will receive a connection request from the receiver device. Tap “Ok” to the request on the Sender Android device. Once the request is granted, the Receiver device will have the ability to select the data to migrate.

Now you can select files, apps, or any data that you may want to transfer to your new phone. CLONEit also shows you the size of all the data that will be transferred. Let us know if you liked the app by rating it and commenting below with your opinion.

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