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View web pages at high speed

The new Yandex Browser is an upgraded version of the Chromium Code, which offers a clean code free from errors and security holes, of course with the addition of some improvements to it by the well-known company Yandex, which provides many services, including the search engine for texts and images, and it should be noted that the browser is popular It has become one of the most successful and used browsers ever, as it is compatible with all websites such as social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others, which means keeping you as close as possible to the publications of your friends and family members and following one of the news and developments on global affairs, and the browser supports a number of A large number of add-ons available in the market, and this means the possibility of adding some new tools that are not available in the browser.

You can surf the Internet invisibly through the Incognito Mode feature, which will give you browsing websites without leaving any traces on the site’s data list such as cookies, and the browser also offers the feature of downloading files from the Internet at a high speed, which means downloading documents, videos and movies as quickly as possible From the web, and the great feature in Yandex Browser is the sync feature where you can synchronize your open accounts on multiple devices by logging in with ease and using private data on the computer with a few clicks of the mouse, moreover, the browser has the maximum protection that you can expect as It blocks harmful files that may be integrated with some of the applications that you download, and Yandex Browser encrypts private data.

Browse websites without fear of hacking

In Yandex Browser, you can watch videos through a pop-up or pop-up window, which means the ability to browse websites and move between them while watching clips without switching between pages to complete watching. This feature is present in a few browsers, and you can use keyboard shortcuts to control video playback where you can pause and resume The video clip is smooth, and another feature is the feature of saving the membership cards in the Yandex server, where the process will prevent you from entering them every time you try to buy, which will save you a lot of time, but with strict security measures where the information is subject to encryption, which means that it is impossible to hack or hack it in any way of shapes and you can manage the cards smoothly.

Features Yandex Browser

  • It helps you browse all kinds of websites without exception.
  • It has a download manager that helps you to download files.
  • An incognito feature that allows you to browse websites without leaving a trace.
  • Yandex.Messenger is a messaging tool for your friends and family.
  • You can synchronize the data in Yandex browsers.
  • Watch videos even after navigating between pages.
  • Detecting viruses and malicious files on websites.
  • Encrypt the data you enter on the browser.

    Information about Yandex Browser

    Software version:
    Program size: 144 MB
    Publisher: Yandex.
    Program compatibility: Windows 7/8.1/10
    License: Complimentary

    Download Yandex Browser Download Yandex Browser

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