Download Ocenaudio 2022 audio recording and editing program for PC Free Download 2022

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Add effects to the sound

Today we come back to you with a professional program in the field of Editing of audio Ocenaudio, which offers options and features in the field of editing audio files, and also includes a wide list of effects that can be used with ease on the sound to improve it and make it many times better than before. Types of audio files, including MP3, OGG, WAV and other supported formats, which means that you will not have a problem with files that you download from the Internet or transfer from storage media such as flash disks and CDs, as it comes with a code that helps it in the encoding and support process.

In addition, the Ocenaudio application allows modification to the information about the music, where you can change the rights, including the name of the artist, album and year of production, which means help in inserting or correcting the data to suit you, after importing the audio through the program interface, it will appear to you in the form of an audio wave in the designated window Then you can choose the part that you want to modify and apply improvements that include only a part without the rest. You can also use keyboard shortcuts, which means flexibility in carrying out simple and advanced operations. Through the program, you can cut unwanted parts by selecting the part and clicking on the Delete button through the options Or the keyboard, as you will be able to combine the sound with the music professionally.

Record high quality audio from the microphone

Furthermore can be used Ocenaudio . software In recording audio from the microphone or from any other source, and with this unique application, you will be able to record in high quality with the highest possible sound frequencies and automatically exclude noise and annoying sounds, and the program works very efficiently with all versions of Windows where the user will not find any malfunctions or problems that may make it difficult On the contrary, the application will facilitate editing tasks in an indescribable way. In addition, this application can be used by beginners in the field, they will not face any difficulty, unlike some other montage programs that need experience before using them, in the end what can be said is This program remains one of the best solutions in the world of audio recording and modification, and it can be used in several operations and supports the system of additions, which means the possibility of adding some additional features and advantages.

Features of the audio recording and editing program Features Ocenaudio

  • Large selection of effects that can be used.
  • Record high quality audio through the microphone.
  • It can be used to make phone ringtones from your favorite music.
  • Support for keyboard shortcuts in executing operations.
  • Customizing the colors of the audio frequency during modification.
  • Great speed in processing and exporting audios after editing.
  • Compatible with a wide range of audio file formats.
  • Add some improvements to make the sound much clearer.

Information about the Ocenaudio audio recording and editing program

Software version: 3.11.11
Program size: 35.47 MB
Publisher: Ocenaudio.
Program compatibility: Windows XP/7/8/10
License: Complimentary

Download Ocenaudio, an audio recording and editing program

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