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Code modification, Notepad++ PC

Notepad Plus is one of the wonderful programs in editing various texts and is a great alternative to the Notepad program integrated with Windows, as it contains many great features. This application is an important program for programmers and designers alike, as it supports various programming languages ​​such as HTML, JAVA, PHP, XML and other different languages ​​and is compatible with more than 40 different programming languages ​​and can be used in TXT-format texts. Notepad Plus supports all international languages, including Arabic, English and French, where it can be used by all users and can also be used to modify files The translation of films and the creation of new files, the program is very popular around the world, where millions have downloaded it due to its ease of use and the advantages it provides. Then the program is constantly evolving.

Editing and creating scripts

Notepad++ offers distinctive solutions to users in addition to great features, including the feature of searching inside the text file or searching an entire folder for a specific word or code. And the Bookmarks support function, the program supports tabs technology to open the largest number of files on one page and you can manage them with ease and support drag and drop technology to open files smoothly. Choosing it from the list, the program is compatible with various Windows systems, including Windows XP and Windows 10, as it is small in size and highly effective in writing and modifying codes. One of its distinctive features is that it does not take up a lot of computer resources and operates with minimal requirements. To sum up, Notepad++ is one of the programs It is a powerful tool that helps in dealing with different programming languages ​​in modification and creation, and it has a list of features that you will discover while using it.

Free Download Notepad++ for Windows versions

Features Notepad Plus

  • Modification of subtitle files for movies in various formats.
  • Dealing with more than 40 different programming languages ​​including XML, HTML and Java.
  • Small in size and light on the computer system so that it does not take up a lot of resources.
  • It’s completely free so you can use it without limits.
  • The search and replace feature where you can correct one of the codes with ease.
  • Autocomplete function so that you can complete writing scripts without errors.
  • Support for syntax highlighting to automatically mark it to help you organize your code.
  • It works with various versions of Windows, including Windows Xp / 7 / 8 / 10.
  • Drag and drop technology to insert your files on the program smoothly.
  • The system of tabs that allows you to open a large number of files on one page.
  • You can turn on the program’s automatic update feature to download the latest version of it.

Information about Notepad Plus program

Software version: 8.4
Program size: 4.1 MB
Publisher: Don Ho
Program compatibility: Windows 7/8/10
License: Complimentary

Download Notepad Plus

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