Download a program to detect computer specifications 2022 HWiNFO for free Free Download 2022

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Download a program to detect computer specifications for free

If you are about to buy a used or new computer, you will have to know the specifications you need based on the type of your use of the computer. This program can be used, which will introduce you to every small and large in the device in front of you, where it can tell you the power of the computer and information about all the small and large components to have A broad look about the computer and based on these specifications and mysteries, you can decide whether this computer is worth the price requested by the seller or not. Absolutely in the field, despite the fierce competition it faces from other applications, but this remains highly professional.

In the event that you already have a computer and you want, for example, to change a specific piece inside it, you can use this application to get acquainted with its specifications and to carefully choose the most appropriate piece for your computer so that there is no conflict or problems in the future, and this application is used to identify the power of the computer so that the user can know the requirements Its device and its compatibility with large-sized games, as well as applications that use large resources, such as video editing programs and audio editing programs, some of which require large resources, which can be viewed through a simple search in the Google search engine.

Know the computer specifications

Provides HWiNFO You have comprehensive information about the graphics card where you can review its live memory, type and ability to withstand pressure in addition to its processing speed and the type of driver installed within the system to identify the card on the Windows system, and the program also gives you an opportunity to identify the motherboard and its type and the maximum RAM that can be added For the computer, and to point out that the application allows you to save reports in multiple formats so that you can share them with experts to express their opinion on the condition of your computer or attach them to web pages to help solve the problems you face, as telling them about your device information can help them direct you to the problem you are facing.

Features HWiNFO . Features HWiNFO

  • See the motherboard information that embraces the components.
  • You can learn about the capabilities of your computer professionally and in depth.
  • Generate reports and information in the form of text files.
  • Know the BIOS version and the features it offers.
  • Display graphics card data, including speed and capacity.
  • Also identify the types of cards such as sound and network.

Information about the HWiNFO computer specification detection program

Software version: 7.24
Program size: 9.7 MB
Publisher: Martin Malik
Program compatibility: Windows 7/8/10
License: Complimentary

Download a program to detect computer specifications Download HWiNFO

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