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Disk SpeedUp

Hard disk acceleration program for the computer, Disk Speed ​​Up is a free application that helps you speed up the Windows system by defragmenting your hard disk and collecting files in one space, which contributes to increasing the speed of computer booting and reading data on the hard disk in the shortest possible time when requested, with Note that the data when saved on the hard disk may be stored in separate places and sectors within the disk, which makes it slower and takes a lot of time to run the files on the computer, so the role of the defragmentation process comes in compiling the files and placing them in close places on the hard disk. SpeedUp has a clean and easy-to-use interface developed by Glarysoft, through which in a few clicks you can perform defragmentation of the entire hard disk and optimize storage space, so that all hard disk partitions are displayed on the main interface, as well as Displays some basic information, such as the type of file system used NTFS or FAT32, as well as the total storage capacity, used and free space, and the status of the partitioned space for each partition is displayed separately in a distinctive graph on the form Colorful boxes, so that you are given a quick look at the size and location of fragmented files on the disk, helping you make your decision if a hard disk partition needs to be defragmented.

All you have to do in the beginning is to make sure that all partitions are checked, then you can click on the Analyze button, to immediately analyze and check the state of the files fragmentation on the hard disk, and detect the percentage of fragmented files , with more clarification of the matter to the user through the graph, so that the fragmented files are indicated in red, the non-fragmented files are in green, the files that are not movable in blue, etc., if you see a lot of red boxes, this means that the disk needs to be defragmented In this case, you can click on the Defrag button, to quickly launch the process of defragmenting files, by moving them and grouping them in one area, and this process generally will not take much time, as it speeds up the performance of your computer.

The program provides you with the possibility of performing the defragmentation process while optimizing the hard disk at the same time, but you have to pay attention to one point that this process may take a very long time depending on the hard disk space and the number of files, for this it is recommended to perform it once a week, the program also provides you The option to turn off the computer automatically as soon as the hard disk defragmentation process is completed, especially if you are dealing with hard disks with a large storage capacity that requires a lot of time, for this you can do the defragmentation process and conduct your work outside the home while you are assured, also among other advantages that you are able to Defragment specific files and folders on your hard drive, so you can select and defragment any file or folder from your computer with one click.

Disk SpeedUp is a free system maintenance tool that comes in handy with powerful features to speed up computers by defragmenting and optimizing hard disks. It also allows you to increase Windows boot speed and reduce boot time, by Defragmenting system files upon boot, as well as defragmenting the main file table (MFT), which is responsible for locating files stored on the hard disk. Change the graphical user interface to Arabic or to several other languages, the program is also light and does not put any pressure on processor resources and random memory, so we recommend it to all people who are looking for an effective and fast way to defragment hard drives, you can now download Disk Speed ​​Up And use it on your computer to speed up your hard disk for free and for life.


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