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Debut Video Capture

Program for recording video from computer screen and camera, Depot Video Capture is a free application that helps you capture the screen video to make explanations about computer technologies to share on your YouTube channel and achieve success from this distinctive content, you can shoot video from the screen in high definition quality and in different dimensions, you can also record video From the webcam cam, which allows you to put your thumbnail in the video while capturing the screen, in addition to that you can take pictures from the screen with one click, as well as you can write on the screen when recording the video from the computer, with the ability to control the placement of text within the screen, You can also add some effects to the video, such as controlling lighting and color contrast. The program also supports recording video from the camera over the Internet, which gives you the ability to connect to surveillance cameras in the home from a distance and record video on the computer.

Depot Video Capture has an elegant and easy-to-use interface that contains many great functions through which you can capture your computer screen as a video in high definition, in addition to recording video from the web for the purpose of making various visual lessons and explanations about Windows applications with great professionalism, so that you can with a click One on the red button can record screen video with audio in several different formats, including MP4, AVI, MOV, etc. You can also record video according to the type of your devices, such as Android smartphones, iPhones, iPads and iPods, the program also helps you easily capture An image from the desktop in full screen mode, and it also allows you to write captions and subtitles on the screen, as well as add a transparent watermark to the video to save rights.

The program includes a wide range of options that you may need when shooting video from a computer screen or a laptop camera. Among the most important of these options is the possibility of adjusting colors and controlling the level of lighting brightness, as well as the ability to control the size of the watermark and its placement on the screen, and you can also adjust the level of transparency Watermark the video to make it more attractive without blocking the content to the viewers, and the beautiful thing is that you can record the video within the frame of a specific window active on the desktop screen, or you can shoot the video on a specific area on the computer screen that you choose its dimensions yourself without the need to record the full screen.

The program provides you with the ability to mute the sound while recording the video from the screen, as well as pause the recording and resume it at a later time, you can also shoot the video from the screen at a speed of 30 frames per second, and there are some options related to sound, so that you can record sound from the microphone or record sounds From the speakers, in addition to the ability to record the sound of mouse clicks, among other things that may be mentioned in this article.

Debut Video Capture is one of the free software available for all categories of users to capture the computer screen in the form of high-definition video, especially as it allows you to control the quality of the video according to your desire. To record your image while shooting the screen in order to provide distinctive explanations that reap a lot of views, the program supports video recording from any device connected to the computer such as TVs and cameras, you can also easily see the list of videos that you have recently recorded on the device with the ability to burn video files on CDs CD or convert it to other formats or you can upload it directly to your YouTube channel and share it with friends, the program comes with a simple and compact video player to play videos and preview them first, and it is lightweight and clean of malware and we recommend it to all people who own devices with limited resources, You can now download Depot Video Capture and use it on your computer to capture video from the screen and camera for free and for life.


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