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Cut the Rope 2 APK

Take the sweet tooth monster Om Nom on a new adventure in Cut the Rope 2 APK. You’ll make sure he gets all the candy while taking care of the troublesome puzzles to complete the stage.

In this continuation of original game, you’ll see a whole host of colorful new characters, the Nommies. Who will add extra depth to the tricky levels, each complete with three stars to earn and additional objectives to complete?

Cut the Rope 2 APK

The main difference between this cut the rope and the last one is the nommies. There are five in total, each with their own levels and helpful puzzle mechanics to help Om Nom get his candy.

The Nommies help you in difficult situations. For example, when he touches the blue one, he creates replicas of himself that are stacked on top of each other until they all collapse into a pile that can be used as a bridge or ladder.

Then you have boo. Boo is a Nommie who scares Om Nom and makes him jump in one direction or another depending on which direction he scares Om Nom from.

By default, this game is free to play and download Where is my water. Just click the download button above and install the file once the download is complete. But if you want to finish the levels quickly, you can make some in-game purchases.

The game comes with some tools that you unlock along the way, such as: B. the ability to add a balloon, make candy rain, or follow a little firefly that floats through the level and shows you the right steps to complete it with all three stars.

The in-app purchases are not required to play or even complete the game, they just help speed up the process. I think the better plan when you start playing this game is to ditch the in-app purchases early on when the game is easy.

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Operating system: Android
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