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Code writing software for the computer, Coda Text is a free, open source application that helps you edit texts and codes for various types of the most common programming languages ​​such as Python, C++, Java, PHP, etc., knowing that it supports editing more than 180 languages, especially that you can Work on six groups of software projects simultaneously and perform many tasks, and through the tab system you can open multiple text files of any type and work on them at the same time without affecting system resources, and most importantly, you can highlight the syntax of all languages Once the first code is written, all lines are automatically numbered, indents are added, comment lines are inserted into scripts, and many other things.

Coda Text has a lightweight and easy-to-use interface, through which you can edit code and work with multiple text documents at the same time, you can easily write scripts for many languages ​​while showing codes in different colors according to their function and type, as well as you can perform many basic editing tasks , such as copying and pasting, moving and moving lines down or up, repeating lines, removing spaces at the beginning and end of texts, converting uppercase letters to lowercase letters or vice versa, also you can search within text files to find the code you want, as you can search for a word Or code and replace it easily, especially if this word is frequently repeated within the text file, which saves you a lot of time and effort, in addition, you can change the language encoding to UTF-8 without any errors, also the program contains JSON configuration files JSON, in addition to its support for Python extensions, which is the preferred programming language for many programmers and developers around the world.

CudaText is the best practical and comprehensive text editor for writing code quickly on multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux, especially as it comes with a variety of options that are a great benefit for developers when multitasking and working on editing many text files at the same time Also, the editor provides users with a wide range of codes that can be easily included in the comments. It also provides you with ready-made templates for various programming languages ​​as an example to start your new project on the right foundations. In conclusion, if you are one of the people looking for excellence, we tell you you are in the right place, you can Rely on this editor to write code easily, especially if you are a programmer who works a lot on Python and JavaScript. The program also gives you the option to change the appearance of the graphical user interface to many themes with great colors that meet all tastes, and also allows you to modify the size, type and color Fonts, and most importantly, it comes in a portable version that does not require you to install it on your computer.


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