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Crypto Notepad

Notepad software for writing encrypted texts for PC, Crypto Notepad is a free application that helps you edit texts, take notes and encrypt them with a strong password, allowing you to protect the privacy of your text documents and keep them away from other users, especially if you are using a shared computer at home In addition to that, you can make this program as an ideal and safer alternative to the default Notepad application that comes with the Windows system. , so that you can first write your text notes, and after you have finished taking notes, you can click on the save button, a small window will immediately open asking you to set a password to encrypt the text file before saving it to the computer, you can set a strong password with re-confirmation, then it will ask You have to specify a location or folder to save the text file to on your hard drive. Once you do that, the text file will be saved in a fully encrypted form.

As for the way to open the encrypted text file that contains your important notes, it is done by clicking on the “Open” button, then choosing the encrypted file you want to open, then the program will ask you to enter your password that you set previously, once you enter the password and press On the Agree button, the encrypted text file will be opened. It is worth noting that you must always remember the password well because without it you will not be able to access your texts and therefore you may lose a lot of important data that you were keeping inside the text file.

The program provides you with double protection through the ability to encrypt text notes by using the MAC address as a second encryption key, which can be changed at any time through the settings, which means that encrypted text notes can only be opened on your computer, and this provides You have greater security that you will not find in any other application.

Crypto Notepad is one of the free and open source text editors that comes in handy to write encrypted text notes on computers in order to keep your important data private from intruders, you can even use the program to save your secret passwords And its encryption, the program through the settings provides you with the ability to choose one of the MD5 or SHA1 encryption algorithms in text encryption, as well as choosing the size of the key and the number of iterations, so no one will be able to break the protection and read your texts and notes in any case, knowing that you can change the password The secret is at any time, in addition to that, you can customize the appearance of the application’s graphic interface, such as modifying the type and color of the font and text size, as well as changing the background color with the ability to hide the toolbar, you can also activate the option to save encrypted text files in CNP format on the computer, the program is a portable text editor Lightweight on Windows, you can put it on a USB flash drive and run it on any other computer without installation, you can now download the Krypto Notepad program and use it on your computer Your to write encrypted notes for free and for life.


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