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Clash of Kings: The West APK

Clash of Kings: The West is the tweaked or enhanced version of the original city builder, aimed at western players with relevant cultural themes. This version of the game features exclusive events including West Go, where you can catch and send out a dragon to defeat your enemies, and Viking invasions.

Aside from city building in Clash of Kings: The West, the player engages in online multiplayer PVP war battles to gain additional resources quickly. You can attack the bases of thousands of players and defeat their defenses for these resources. But be careful because your base can be destroyed if you don’t build strong defenses.

Clash of Kings: The West

Clash of Kings: The West begins with a tutorial that introduces you to city-building skills. Including training of resource gathering troops and basics of building defensive structures. Once you get the hang of it, you can build your city in real-time under the threat of enemy invasions at any time of the day or night.

Therefore, it is advisable to join an alliance that includes strong players as soon as possible. As they can offer help with construction times, participate in NPC battle events, and fight against other alliances. Along with looting enemy player bases. And don’t forget to focus on you hero who will behave like a general.

Once you have the base and your army going in Clash of Kings: The West. Then it would be time to set up the research facilities. Such as a college and choose from four research trees to focus on. In the research school, players can improve the branches of city development, resources, city defense and military.

And like Clash of Kings: The West original version You have a large map to scout and explore that allows you to select opponents based on your army level and attack them for resources. However, if you attack weaker opponents, you will get less loot. Let us know if you enjoyed the game by rating it and commenting below with your opinion.

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