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Chief Almighty: First Thunder BC APK

Washed ashore on an island, you must gather resources and survive to lead a tribe of your own. Set in the early Stone Age, this game brings beauty and beast together for you to command and conquer. Fight prehistoric beasts and flirt with beautiful wild girls as your tribe grows.

Build lumber mills, hunting grounds, temples and troop training facilities to strengthen your tribe. Add more warriors and date the captured girls to increase intimacy. Lead your armies and tribes to crush the most dangerous rivals. Collect Hero Fragments to obtain Heroes to lead your troops into battle for you.

Strategy game Chief Almighty: First Thunder BC

In this strategy game for android phones you have to develop a suitable strategy to increase your resources quickly. Properly set up your defenses and keep building your walls to protect your resources from attackers and enemy attacks. Upgrade tribal center so you can get more heroes and save more wild girls for yourself. The gameplay is almost identical to mafia town.

In Chief Almighty players gain skill points each time the Chief levels up. You can get Exp by upgrading buildings, getting items, and training troops. Since it is a skill tree, you must complete its requirement in order to learn a skill. You could skip some skills in the early stages to learn an active skill as quickly as possible.

Chieftains can learn skills from 3 different talents for combat, growth and support to get corresponding bonuses and powerful active skills. Chiefs with a level 5 Tribal Center can form a clan for the price of 200 diamonds, while chiefs with a level 6 or higher Tribal Center can form a clan for free.

Vipa nests spawn randomly on the continent in Chief Almighty. You can send your troops to attack them. You will get Resources and Chief Exp when the attack is complete. And the resource spots spawn randomly on the continent. You can send your troops there to occupy and collect resources.

Download the game now and share it with others by rating and commenting. If you have trouble understanding, visit us YootaGames for the help of the Supreme Almighty.

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Operating system: Android
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