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Camera Go APK

Camera Go app is specially developed by Google for Android Go phones. This new app is basically for people who are using smartphones for the first time and is a beginner in the world of phone photography. This camera app offers a simple and clean interface that is easy to understand and use. There are features like portrait mode that deliver high-quality results.

Google has released the Go versions of all its famous apps such as go gmail, youtube, and other key services. But a better camera app has always been missing. It not only helps you to take photos but also allows the user to keep the phone organized. The app tracks how much space is left for photos or videos and suggests ways to free up space.

Taking pictures with the Go camera

To use this app you must first download and install it by clicking the download button above. The Camera Go app is deeply integrated into the phone’s camera module, and it doesn’t just offer photo filtering on top. With the help of Google Translate you can translate in real time.

Also, when you open video mode, it will show you the total length of video you can record. Camera modes include Photo, Video, Translate, and Portrait mode. You can even zoom in with the floating mini magnifying glass. Dragging the slider moves you closer to the point of an image. Read more about the Go features.

There’s a large shutter button with a left and right front and rear facing camera switcher. You can also quickly access your gallery and view the latest photos and videos. The top row of controls in Google Camera Go includes settings like a flash toggle, and there’s a counter for how many photos/videos you can take with your remaining device storage.

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