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Bulk Crap Uninstaller

Program to uninstall programs from the computer, Polk Crab Uninstaller is a free application that helps you to remove programs from your computer completely and as quickly as possible, you can also uninstall multiple programs at the same time with a few clicks, as well as you can clean your computer of leftover programs In addition, you can speed up the start of the computer by taking full control of the list of startup programs. Polk Crab Uninstaller has an organized and easy-to-use interface, through which you can detect all the programs and applications installed on the computer with the ability to remove programs from their roots completely in several Various methods, so that you can remove programs normally by selecting any available program on the list of applications and then clicking on the “Uninstall” button, or you can remove programs silently and quietly by clicking on the “Uninstall Quietly” button, in addition to That is, you can remove several programs at the same time from the computer, by selecting the application installation folder in the C disk (Program Files) or any other folder containing other applications, to quickly remove all You can also remove programs from the computer by dragging and dropping the open program windows on the desktop screen, and you can also uninstall programs by specifying the path of any file from the program that you want to remove from the computer, it is worth noting that the program It works completely removing programs from the hard drive, removing all keys and entries from the registry.

The program also provides you with a set of additional useful tools that contribute to improving the performance of your computer, among them the Startup Manager tool, through which you can reveal the entire list of startup programs, which are the active applications that start with the start of boot The Windows system, and the large number of these programs without studying may affect the startup speed of the computer significantly, for this you can with one click disable or delete the startup programs that you find unnecessary, the program provides you with a clean up tool that helps you clean the installation folder Program Files on the Windows system are among the remnants of deleted programs and remnants of programs. Also, before starting the process of deleting any program from the computer, the program suggests that you create a system restore point, in anticipation of unexpected problems.

Bulk Crap Uninstaller is one of the free, open-source applications that have been carefully designed to remove computer programs from their roots correctly and without causing any problems on the system. The program also provides you with all information related to the programs installed on your computer, such as the company The publisher, version number, installation date, software size, and a link to the developer’s website for the program, as well as showing the status of the programs whether they are activated in the list of startup programs or not. Also, the ability to remove program registry keys from the Windows registry only (Registry) without deleting programs from the hard disk, as well as you can make a backup copy of all programs installed on the computer and restore them very quickly in the event of any problem or in the case of installing a new Windows system, the program supports changing the language The graphical interface is translated into several languages, which makes it suitable for all categories of users, and also provides you with a portable version that does not require installation on the system, as it is light in weight and used With low to moderate amount of processor and memory resources, you can now download Polk Crab Uninstaller and use it on your computer to delete multiple programs at the same time for free and for life.


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