WhatsApp reveals the availability of a new operating system update 2023

WhatsApp reveals the availability of a new operating system update

WhatsApp offers a lot of great features that users need, unlike other applications such as Messenger or Snapchat.

The parent company, Meta, is constantly introducing many new features within the WhatsApp application, which will help users save time spent on the application, while providing better protection for the privacy of other users on the application.

The WhatsApp application also provides the feature to undo sending messages, immediately after sending the message, as a button will be displayed at the bottom of the screen containing the (undo) button and when you press it, the application will back out sending the message.

The application also introduced a lot of new improvements to the temporary messaging feature, where the user can now keep some temporary messages for a period of time, and it should not exceed 24 hours, which will help to remember some messages.

The user understands that when using the application, other users can know that someone is active now, and from here WhatsApp has now provided the feature to hide from friends when using the WhatsApp application, and after activating this feature, others will not be able to know the active user on the application.

Meta company unveils a new update for Windows and Mac

Meta has now revealed the availability of a new version for Windows and Mac, and this update will be available soon, although the acknowledged version is only in the beta version, Meta now offers more features inside the original version of WhatsApp, which will allow everyone Enjoy all the features of WhatsApp on PC and Mac as well.

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