NASA postpones Artemis I launch for the second time 2023

NASA postpones Artemis I launch for the second time

NASA has once again called off the first launch of its Space Launch System (or SLS) rocket after engineers failed to fix an ongoing hydrogen leak.

The hydrogen leak was first observed this morning, shortly after the liquid hydrogen began to be fed to the rocket. NASA said the leak “developed in the 8-inch express supply side while trying to transfer fuel to the rocket.”

The team made three troubleshooting attempts, but a leak was discovered after each attempt to fix the problem. After the third time, the engineers recommended that the launch be “forbidden”. Soon after, the mission’s launch director, Charlie Blackwell Thompson, decided to cancel the launch attempt.

The agency also called off the SLS’s previous launch attempt, which was supposed to happen on August 29, citing problems with the engine’s liquefaction system intended to help engines reach an adequate temperature before takeoff. Hydrogen leakage was also detected during this launch attempt.

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