LastPass hack puts data of 33 million people at risk 2023

LastPass hack puts data of 33 million people at risk

confirmed LastPass, the developer of the global password manager application LastPass, exposed its platform to a serious security incident recently, putting the accounts of more than 33 million people around the world at risk, after hackers managed to penetrate its servers, which is the most famous global site for storing passwords.

LastPass sent notifications to its users around the world, informing them of a “recent security incident” in which an “unauthorized party” used a compromised developer account to access parts of the password manager’s source code and some LastPass technical information.

LastPass hack, the most popular password manager

In a message to its users, the CEO of LastPass explained that a hacker recently stole the source code and confidential information after infiltrating the app’s platform, but the company’s investigation found no evidence that any user data or encrypted passwords were accessed.

The CEO explained that the company had “implemented additional and enhanced security measures,” after containing the breach it spotted two weeks ago, and LastPass did not comment on how long the breach took before it was discovered.

In a statement, the password manager said that the company does not believe that the hacker has gained access to any of the users’ passwords stored on the platform, and that users do not have to take any action to secure their accounts.

LastPass explained that the hackers gained access to the system using a single compromised developer account, as the investigation revealed that an unauthorized party gained access to the software that employees use to create and maintain passwords.

LastPass is a free password creation and management application available for Android and iPhone users. It also creates and maintains a diverse and complex set of passwords for user accounts for many online services, including Netflix, Gmail and many other services, giving users a quick way To access their login information automatically.

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