Best racing games on Android in 2022

Arcade games include many genres, from side shooters to epic racing games. However, finding out the best Android games that offer all the racing action you need is quite difficult because the Play Store is allergic to discovering these games.

That’s why we picked one of our favorite arcade games that is really worth playing.

If you are looking for some excellent mobile games that call for some simpler times for arcades, you have come to the right place.

Horizon Chase . game

Those who are used to context games like Sega’s OutRun series will surely sweat Horizon Chase. This racer wears inspiration on his sleeve, and it’s his best, as he’s one of the best racers on Android, especially if you’re into classic arcade racing games. Sure, the graphics are a throwback, but it looks good enough that the game is accessible to all devices.

This accessibility pairs well with monetization, as anyone can play for free, although there are additional courses and cars that you can purchase directly in the in-game store. All in all, if you dig into games like Cruis’n USA and OutRun, you’ll definitely get a kick out of Horizon Chase.

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