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Avira Phantom VPN APK

Avira Phantom VPN is the perfect tool to secure your web browsing and access blocked websites on your phone. This Android proxy app comes with multiple plans that you can buy for your home or business.

But first, it’s a free app that keeps your data safe and your online activities anonymous. A simple push of a button will help secure your connection and provide you with complete privacy while surfing the web.

The free version of the Avira Phantom VPN gives you a monthly surfing cap of 500MB. While the paid version of the app gives you complete freedom with one unlimited data plan.

Avira Phantom VPN

Some online services such as B. National TV programs are only available in certain countries. In another country, you may no longer be able to watch your favorite TV shows.

To access location-restricted services such as certain Netflix shows. The VPN app server located in that country can be chosen to bypass national restrictions.

In the Avira Phantom VPN setup options, you can choose which country you want to mirror your connection to. Choose from dozens of different countries and bypass regional restrictions with incredible ease.

Another interesting option is the Smart Monitor, which offers VPN activation every time you connect to an insecure network. So the next time you connect to a public network, you can be sure that the app has already automatically established a secure connection.

To download the Avira Phantom VPN, just click the button above. Install the file once the download is complete and your app is ready to secure your internet connection.

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