Apple is working on a new idea to improve its smartphone

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Working Apple to improve resistance iPhone Her own. It can become a smartphone from Apple Soon more water- and pressure-resistant, but not at the moment.

At the height of fifteen years, still iPhone It is the main product of the company Apple And the smartphone intends to improve it even further. While its design should evolve this year, discover AppleInsider that company Cupertino Work on another path of improvement. The American giant is studying how it can improve the resistance of a device iPhone its waterproof; Especially with regard to operating its sensors while protecting them from pressure changes, whether water or air. A huge project for a manufacturer who knows that his equipment is used regularly in specific situations.

Patent granted to Apple it’s called “Electronic device with an integrated pressure sensor‘, or ‘electronic device with integrated pressure sensor’, intended to prevent pressure changes from damaging a device iPhone Or affect the pressure sensors.

Remember the company Apple The case of plastic components that “can be replaced by metal components” or glass components that “can be thicker and made of tempered glass”. For an American company, it is a must have device iPhone Able to be used in all kinds of environments, but some of them still pose problems. This is especially the case when a smartphone accompanies mountain climbers; Skiers or trekking enthusiasts who can cross difficult areas (low or high temperatures).

Water can also complicate the task of a smartphone. Says AppleFor this reason, devices are usually designed to have a certain level of water resistance, as water can cause malfunctions in the electrical components of the devices. The company has made some strong decisions before, such as removing a small size jack 3.5 mm in a year 2016 when was launched iPhone. The decision caused a lot of ink to flow and the group expressed a desire to make their machines more resistant.

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