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Amazon Alexa APK

Amazon Alexa is an AI-powered smart assistant that you can access through this app. Put simply, it’s a voice-activated Amazon assistant that walks the talk. This app is very useful when you have many smart devices or connected cars in the house. With the Alexa AI assistant, you can control and turn on lights or change TV channels.

In today’s world, you’ll find the Alexa assistant built into robots and vacuum cleaners, not to mention thousands of third-party apps that use Alexa for voice recognition. Initially, voice search was limited to a few smartphones. But now the Alexa app brings those features to your Android phone.

Talk to Amazon Alexa on your Android phone

As we’ve already said, Amazon Alexa is best suited for people who have smart devices in the house. Otherwise, using it is similar to using a voice search on your phone. Let’s say you have built-in smart devices nearby. You would start by logging into these devices via Amazon Alexa and granting her full access. With Alexa, you can set up a series of actions to run at specific times or under specific circumstances, so you can turn on the lights, turn on a radio station, turn up the heating, and other actions with a single command. The app recommends certain sequences like “Alexa, good morning” and “Alexa, I’m home”.

These featured sequences will automatically set off a chain reaction when you enter the house and say: Alexa, I’m home. She turns on all the lights and the air conditioner. You can integrate third party apps that extend Amazon Alexa functionality from categories like Business & Finance, Food & Beverage, Health & Fitness and many more. See which ones you have installed by tapping your skills button in the upper right corner of the screen.

To download the Alexa app and enjoy its smart features, just click the download button above. For more app information or to report a bug, visit us Alexa help. Discover other AI assistants such as Google Voice for simple searches.

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