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Are you ready to experience the life of cell culture in a petrie dish? is a game where you live the life of a cell, trying to survive by devouring smaller cells than yourself to grow bigger and stronger. But beware of other larger cells as they can cut you down instantly and erase you from the surface of the petrie dish.

The aim of the game is to eat the food that is stagnant and grow in size. While avoiding larger cells that are there to eat smaller beings to grow larger. As you eat more and more food, your cell swells in size and you become more stable and less susceptible to being eaten by others.

Live the life of a cell in

you can play free in your browsers or download the app for Android if you prefer touchscreens by clicking the download button above. The game offers multiple modes and game types such as Classic, Battle Royal and Rush. You can play Free-for-all (FFA), Battle Royale, Teams, Experimental and Party Mode.

In the beginning you are a tiny cell sitting in a vast expanse. When you move your mouse or tap your screen, your cell will automatically move in the direction you’re pointing. The playing surface is covered with tiny, colored balls. If your cell runs on pellets, it will use them up and get bigger. Eating pellets also increases your score.

In party mode you can set up a private server for you and your friends. Before you start playing, Enter your nick and it will appear in the middle of your cell. You can also type in specific names that will give your cell a unique look unique skin, or appearance. For example, if you enter your name as “Earth,” your cell will look like the planet.

FFA is the endless gameplay in, so never to win just get eaten by someone bigger. You can climb to the top of the in-game leaderboard. It’s a good choice to start with while mastering the controls. Battle royale has the same contract safe zone as most battle royale games. And also starts when a set number of players are in the lobby.

Unlike FFA, where you always start as the smallest cell, everyone starts on an even playing field, and the shrinking safety zone keeps games down to just five minutes. The graphics of the game are wonderful and it’s a good time killer as well as that mini metro. Let us know if you enjoyed by rating and commenting.

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Operating system: Android
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