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Addons for Minecraft APK

Minecraft app addons allow you to further customize your Minecraft gameplay. You have the ability to add objects and settings with this unique look that is practically endless.

There are all sorts of unique and attractive settings and skins for your characters. For example, you have the option to download and install a setting based on the popular game Fourteen days or the wall from Game of Thrones.

Addons for Minecraft

Add-ons allow you to transform the worlds and change mob behavior and properties. In a way, you create new kinds of minecraft games.

You can change the appearance of mobs like skins and create brand new worlds like mods, but without the need for hacks. For example, you have a Time Stop addon.

It allows freezing everything around you including mobs and gravity. With a snap of your fingers, you could stop a creeper from approaching you. Flying arrows can be frozen in mid-air, giving you the gap to step aside.

Then you have a Mystic Weapons add-on. In this new add-on for Minecraft you will become the wielder of magic wands, enchanted blades and axes. Collect all mystical weapons and unleash the power of the elements on your enemies.

Other addons for Minecraft include a cool Iron Man addon. This adds a superhero suit that you can try on yourself. What can it do in terms of combat? First, it can fly with thrusters in its hands and feet.

Its advanced intelligence systems allow the suit to follow you autonomously. You can call the suit in an emergency and it will come by to prepare you. The suit’s primary firepower is repulsors. They create a small explosion on hit and can cause a fire.

You can download the Minecraft app addons by clicking the download button above. Install the file once the download is complete and your app is ready to use.

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