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How to make a video smaller with Handbrake

Finally, another popular tool designed for converting video files is Handbrake. You can get it from its official website. Download and install it and open it. Then, drag and drop the video that you want to make smaller onto it, or choose “File (Open a single video file.)” and browse through your Windows 10 PC to select the video file.

After Handbrake loads your video file, you should see a window filled with many options and settings, like the one below. Don’t be scared by the wealth of options: making a video smaller is quite easy, and you only need to use a few of those settings and buttons.

On the Summary tab, click or tap on Presets and navigate through the list to select the video profile that matches best your intentions regarding the video that you want to make smaller. Note that, to make sure that the converted video is smaller than the original, you should choose a preset that uses a smaller resolution than the initial one. For example, if you have a short video filmed in 1080p resolution and you want to send it to someone via email, you could use the “Gmail Large 3 minutes 720p30” profile, which lowers its resolution to 720p and surely makes it smaller. Similarly, if you want to upload a video to YouTube, choose one of the Vimeo YouTube presets. This step offers many options, so the best way to get a smaller video without too much quality loss is to experiment.

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